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The term social responsibility means different things to different people. Generally, corporate social responsibility is the obligation to take action that protects and improves the welfare of society as a whole as well as organizational interest. According to the concept of corporate social responsibility, a manager must strive to achieve both organizational and societal goals.

The hospital is a public organization and we are committed to address our social responsibilities & obligations towards society & mankind. As a social responsibility policy following measures are being taken:
1.    Discount to the needy patient: - The patient with financial problems with regards to treatment cost in this hospital shall be given appropriate discount to relieve his financial pressure.  
2.    Community outreach programmes: - Free community outreach programmes shall be organized on quarterly basis. Community outreach programmes shall focus towards the health needs of adjoining society. Rural areas and areas with population requiring free healthcare shall be focused more. Following shall be undertaken as community outreach programme
a.    Health education and awareness programme on various diseases
b.    Health screening programme
c.    School health programme
d.    Disability camp