Quality Policy

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Quality Policy

We at Greater Kailash Hospital adhrere to a prime objective of maintianing high quality standards. To acheive the goal of high quality we have certain quality poliies that are as follow.

(1)         Best quality patient care.
(2)         Judicious use of drugs and appropriate interventions.
(3)         Compliance with highest standard of medical ethics.
(4)         Continued skills up gradation and keeping abreast of latest development.
(5)         To carry out all processes Right at the First Time, On Time and Every Time.
(1)         Care, compassion and courtesy
(2)         Community health provider- patient centric care with the value for money to all section of society.
(3)         Timely intervention.
(4)         Effectiveness- sharing knowledge and “best practices.”
(5)         Efficiency- never ending improvements.
(6)         Maintenance of highest standard of hygiene and clean lives.