Day Care

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Day Care

Day Care
Day-Care centre cater to the patients undergoing surgeries and procedures that do not require overnight stay in the hospital. The department is manned with a team of highly skilled and experienced nurses The day-care department is open from 7:00am to 8:00pm. Admission into Daycare is done only on doctor’s advice.
Daycare Surgeries
These are surgical procedures where patients do not need overnight admission and can go home the same day. The advance in surgical techniques, anesthesiology and pain relief are important contributing factors in increasing the popularity of day care surgeries.
Fully-equipped Operation Theatres, latest gadgets and trained personnel ensure optimum patient safety and satisfaction. Latest technology such as key-hole surgery along with excellent post-operative care and effective pain relief enable the patients to recover in just few hours.
Therapeutic & Palliative procedures
A number of therapeutic procedures like administration of Biologics for rheumatoid arthritis patients or chemotherapy for cancer patients, etc where overnight admission is not needed are also carried out at the Daycare Centre. Here, the patients just walk in, have their treatments done and walk out.

Advantages of Daycare Centre

Complete infrastructure with latest gadgets
Expertise of eminent Consultants
Competent and dedicated Technicians and Nurses
No overnight stay
Faster recovery
Minimal or no disruption to regular routine.
Economic advantages