Health Check Ups

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Health Check Ups

Regular Checkups
Regular checkups are a valuable tool in maintaining good health.  Taking proper care of your health at the right time can prevent a lot of problems in the future. It's good to find out that you have a problem before it is too late to cure it. So appropriate tests should be done at the right time.
The main aim of a check-up is to detect illness at an early stage, or better still prevent illness occurring in the first place. Some tests save so many lives that it is definitely worth the money spent on it. In adults up to about 40 years, a check-up every two years is appropriate. Older adults should be seen every year or as the physical health regimes.
Instructions for people having health Checks
Most health checkup programmes  require 12 hour fasting. Please do not have tea, milk coffee,in the morning before the tests. However you may drink water.
Breakfast will be provided at the hospital as a part of the health check up programme.
Men should shave their chest for Stress tests.
You should carry your stool samples with you .You may collect the containers from the Pathology Department.
Patients need pupillary dilatation during the ophthalmology consultation and will not be able to drive or read for 2-4 hours after the examination.
Prior appointment is required for all health check up programmes.
The reporting time for the health check up programmes is 8am-9am.
Approximate time for the completion of the entire package is around 6 Hrs.
Complete abstinence from alcohol at least 12 Hrs. prior to the check up is essential.
If you are wearing contact lenses, please do not wear them on the dry of  Check Up.
Wear loose clothing, No jewellery (Necklaces / Chains) and easily removable footwear.
Please carry your insulin / anti diabetic tablets which you can have before or after your breakfast in the hospital. Other regular medication can be taken as instructed by the doctor. Please carry regular medication along.
Please bring all your earlier medical records and medical accessories like glasses, hearing aid if you have any when you come for Check Up.
Inform Health Check Up Department in advance if you want any additional investigations or consultations to be done so that we can schedule your appointments for the same.
We can provide additional Tests / Investigations / Procedures / Consultations at request or if required however these will be billed separately in addition to the package payment,at concessional rates. Please be informed that certain tests like x-rays, CT- scan  are not to be done if you are likely to be pregnant.
For Females, during menstruation (menses) PAP SMEAR test cannot be done

Tips for a Healthier  You !!
Balance your diet : Take a reduced calorie diet which is rich in fruits, salads vegetables and whole grains. Substitute whole milk products with skimmed milk and cook with unsaturated vegetable oil.
Give your heart a workout : Regular  aerobic exercise like walking, jogging, running or swimming. Schedule at least three sessions a week of atleast 40 mins.
Says yes to  : Vegetables, fruits, salads  and brown bread.
Cut Cholesterol : Elevated lipids such as cholesterol and triglycerides are best controlled through a regimen of strict diet which is low in saturated fats such as red meats, fatty meats and egg yolk. Avoid butter and cheese.
Quit Smoking : Smoking triples the chances of heart attack. Just stop smoking.
Control Blood Pressure : Hypertension makes the heart work harder to move blood through the body. If you get short of breath when you exert, don't ignore it. Consult your doctor. Address hypertension with proper diet, exercise and medication.
Control Diabetes : Check for diabetes, particularly if you have a family history.    If you already have diabetes keep it under check. Diabetes multiplies the risk of having a heart attack, stroke, kidney disease, eye diseases etc.
Reduce Stress : Chronic stress can increase the chances of a heart disease, spend time with yourself and have a hobby or an interest beyond work. Its easy for todays' professionals to stretch work timings and get involved in deadlines and targets. However  take time off for your family and your near and dear ones.        Do not forget to take a holiday atleast twice a year.