In Patients Department

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In Patients Department

Greater Kailash Hospital is known for its patient centric approach and all our activities revolve around patient satisfaction.
At Greater Kailash Hospital utmost care is taken for admitted patients and best efforts are put in by the staff to enable the patient
to recover at the earliest under the expert care of the best of clinicians and the warmth of the professional nursing staff available
round the clock.
Keys to remember for smooth hospitalization:
•    Admission
•    Billing And Payments
•    Discharge
•    General Information

Before Admission -
•    Kindly contact the admission counter and provide them with the details e.g. Date of Admission, Treating doctor, and Preference class of accommodation.
•    Planned Surgical/Maternity cases are required to pay deposit amount.
•    Accommodation of your choice may not be available in such case all efforts will be made to facilitate you in another best available category.
•    We accept cash/DD or debit cards/ Credit cards of all major banks.
During Admission -
•    Patients are admired either through doctor’s reference letter or CMO’s recommendation.
•    Passport &Visa/PIO is to be produced by foreign nationals/NRI failing which the admission of the patients may be denied.
•    The deposit amount has to be paid according to the rules, within 24 hrs in case of emergency. The amount will vary based on the type of accommodation.
After Admission -
•    The charge of the bed is billed at the end of each day. Check in time is flexible. Charges will be applicable.
•    Transfers of the class will be based on the availability only.
•    When you move upgrade to a higher class the billing will be done as per the higher class from day one.
•    In case of down grade to a lower class the billing from the day of transfer will be applicable as per the lower class subject to the approval of the management.
•    Private/Deluxe/Super deluxe may be allowed to retain the room subject to availability. The room can be urgently required in case of any admission required to be done.

Billing And Payments
•    The billing department functions on all week days round the clock
•    Charges of investigations, operation theatres & doctor fees will vary according to the room category
•    Bed charges are inclusive of diet and nursing services. Additional food beverages / mineral water for the patients or visitors will be charged extra
•    Advance intimation slip  is generated and distributed every day.  
•    Emergency visit charges are applicable between 11:00 pm to 06:00 am when the doctor is specially called to see the patient
•    You can redress your billing queries on 0731-6733474 (timings 9 am to 5 pm for admitted patients and 3 pm to 5 pm for discharged patients
•    No billing queries will be entertained after 30 days from date of discharge
•    Discharges are processed round the clock in the hospital.
•    Discharge time is 8 am. If your discharge order is received for final billing beyond 8 am you will be charged for that day.
•    Discharge of patient will be authorized as per the doctor's opinion.

•    On receipt of request and discharge papers the billing department prepares the bill. On Completion of the final bill the billing department informs the patient Room for final settlement.

•    Relative has to approach the billing counter for final settlement.
•    Passes are to be submitted at the discharge counter without which the Discharge slip will not be issued.
General Information
•    Outside food is not allowed inside hospital for patients / patient’s attendants. The hospital serves well-balanced vegetarian meals.
•    Smoking, consumption of alcohol and non-vegetarian food is not permitted in the hospital premises
•    Mobile phones are not permitted in restricted areas of the hospital viz, ICU, Operation Theatres, Imaging department,  
•    Photography is prohibited in hospital premises
•    Patients are advised not to carry cash or wear or keep any jewellery during their hospitalization. The hospital is not responsible for any kind of loss.
•    The hospital security has the right to check your baggage and ask for passes at any time.
•    The admission counter / ward nurse will issue a feedback form. Please spend some time to let us know how we can serve you better.
•    Pending reports can be collected from the ground floor reporting counter which functions Mon – Sat from 10 am to 8pm & Sunday 10am to 6pm.